CIDID Seminar recordings


Caroline Colijn


Predicting strain interactions and success with genomic data: approaches from modelling and machine learning.

December 4, 2018


Fabio Zanini


Virus-inclusive single cell RNA sequencing reveals the molecular signature of dengue virus infection in cell lines and human blood.

September 5, 2018


Adam Lauring


Influenza virus evolution... getting personal.

August 7, 2018


Shirlee Wohl


Viral transmission during outbreaks: genomic analysis of Ebola, Zika, and mumps viruses.

August 6, 2018


Lauren Carrington


Field- and clinically derived estimates of Wolbachia-mediated blocking of dengue virus transmission potential in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

April 25, 2018


Martha Nelson


Pandemic influenza in the age of mammals.

December 18, 2017


Leah Katzelnick


Connecting serological data and antigenic maps of dengue viruses to protection and disease severity

October 27, 2017


Alison Feder


Intra‐patient evolutionary dynamics of immunodeficiency viruses across time and space

September 8, 2017


Nicolas Rodrigue


Recent advances in methods for detecting  adaptation in protein‐coding DNA

March 30, 2017


Simon Hay

Mapping Child Mortality in Africa, 2000-2015

March 17, 2017


Nathan Grubaugh

Dynamics of arthropod-borne virus evolution during transmission

January 13, 2017


Louise Moncla

The interplay of selective bottlenecks and random chance during avian influenza virus evolution in mammals
September 28, 2016


Jeffrey B. Joy

Evolutionary genetics of HCV: from population to patient
September 15, 2016


Stephanie Spielman

Uncovering the properties and limitations of models of sequence evolution
July 21, 2016


Pinky Langat

Exploring the dynamics of influenza virus evolution, selection, and host adaptive immunity
May 13, 2016


Tim Tsang

Household transmission of influenza viruses
April 11, 2016


Thomas Friedrich

Passing through: the role of transmission bottlenecks in influenza virus host adaptation 
February 26, 2016


Sergei L. Kosakovsky Pond

Scalable and biologically realistic methods for inferring selective pressures from molecular sequence data
December 11, 2015


Richard Neher

How predictable is RNA virus evolution? 
November 6, 2015


Jennifer Gardy

The story of an outbreak: Tracking infectious disease transmission with DNA sequencing
October 2, 2015