software development and core facilities

Alessandro Vespignani, Sternberg Family Distinguished University Professor  (Northeastern University) is the Lead on the Software Development and Core Facilities component.

Investigators are based at Northeastern University, FHCRC, and University of Florida, although the Research Projects will also feed into the software development. Dr. Yang Yang (University of Florida), who has been in the MIDAS network for several years, will serve as Data Liaison to the MIDAS Network. 

Although all the software and computational platforms developed here are instrumental in the context of specific research projects, we have an extraordinary opportunity to interlink all these tools with the goal of creating a coherent computational infrastructure that is more than the sum of its methodological parts.  

The objectives

  1. To develop a multiscale Modeling Computational Platform (MCP) for Infectious disease simulations. The first step will be to integrate FluTE and GLEAM by defining a large scale multiscale model and its associated MCP. The MCP will acquire an even higher value by facilitating the plug-in of models developed by the MIDAS research community through appropriate Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), to develop and to test an appropriate "cloud architecture" and to develop a novel Graphic User Interace (GUI) and specfic APIs for data extraction.
  2. To develop new features and GUIs for statistical tools developed by our research groups, including pomp and TranStat. Integrated workflows will be developed aimed at allowing those programs to exchange data and parameter estimates with the MCP in an automated way. 
  3. To develop an open-access website that will be a repository for past, current, and future versions of software developed in this Center, training materials, and tutorials, and to provide workflow examples. This is to provide the best accessibility and to facilitate adoption of the developed software by other researchers and Federal agencies.